Monuments, Temples and Public Places in Bamnera and their Functions:

bullet Shamalaji / Charbhuja Mandir ( Dehri) : It is situated in the middle of Bamnera village and in the heart of every Bamneraites. Everyday, Pooja and Aarati is held in this temple.  it is an unofficial meeting place of any meeting in the Bamnera.


bulletShri kedareshwar Mahadev Mandir: This is a huge Holy temple, though, not under the territory of Bamnera, but still , it is one of the important holy place for any local functions. One should always take a 'Darshan', before entering and leaving the village.


bulletPimpleshwar Temple : It is situated on the bank of ' Brahmi" ( 'Sukadi' river) originated from Gautameshwar. It is recently undergone a renovation.


bulletVagheshwar: It is located on the bank of 'Jawai' river.


bulletShri Aapeshwar and Koteshwar temple: These temples are burried in the ground. They are under the restricted area of archeological Survey of India.


bulletPechka ( Peska) : This is one of the Oldest resource for drinking water for many years. It is situated in the middle of 'Brahmi' river ( 'Sukadi'). Now, we have water supply facilities provided by Rajasthan Water Supply Department. Presently, it's water is used for cattles and other purpose.

             Bamnera has it's own Panchayat building. The Sarpanch in Bamnera who had dedicated themselves for the developement of the village are,

 Name of Sarpanch

 Number of Years

 1. Chhogalal Ukasi

10 yrs

2. Mithalal Doctor

11 yrs

3. Shantilal Chhogalalji

12 yrs

4. Dharmibai Narayanji ( Female)

5 yrs

5. Balkrishna Gaurishankarji ( Current Sarpanch)

working  Sarpanch.

bulletMithibai Rupalal Navalramji Charitable Trust : This trust had built a hospital cum Primary Health/Medical center, which was inaugurated by Ex- Chief Minister, Shri Haridev Joshi.


bulletBhuralal Dungaji Secondary School : This school by Durgashanker Daulatramji Kevalramji along with other people .the school has pre-primary std  1 to std 10 class and have a huge ground for sports. 


bulletNohra (Nuru): Nohra, is a place within a any village, equipped with all the facilities required for catering ,cooking and eating arrangements . Bamnera has a huge 'Nohra' but still require a renovation and better seating arrangement .We have one more 'Nohra' . Eventhough comparatively small in size , but still useful in small ceremony like Yagnopavit and marriages .


bulletGaushala: Gaushala is managed by shri. Bamnera Gaurakshak Charitable Trust. Normally , this Trust is headed by active Sarpanch.


bulletShri Bamnera Jankalyan Mandal:  Shri Bamnera Vidhtya Prakashan Mandal & Shri Bamnera Jankalyan Mandal is effectively & efficiently working in the area of                                                                                                            
  1. Arranging a medical Checkup camp in the village.
  2. Library Facility.
  3. Arranging Social , religious amd cultural activities
  4. Arranging Annual Function, Get- to - gether and Prize Distribution Function for Students and many more activities.... ..................