Mahendra kaka,

The web site you are looking at is UNDER CONSTRUCTION and in PRILIMINARY STAGE. As you said, considering the long term prospects of this website , we can plan to develop this site in Hindi version to cover wide segment of our viewer. Right now we are developing this website in English.


1. I need  all the photographs, scanned and stored in floppy or any other media, to put up in our website(like photographs of vagheshwar temple, Fufaat river in monsoon season full of water, suryamandir) . I am running short of lots of information and I also want you to proof read this website and give us a suggestion to improve upon this area.

2. I need softcopy of ' Bamnera People's Database ' to put in our web site.

3. I need as many as possible information on our village to put in our site.